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Cover of The Peacekeepers | 9th February 2014, 12:51  
I've just read The Peacekeepers, the second regular book in the tie-in series for Star Trek: The Next Generation. I've written my thoughts on the contents elsewhere, but here's what I think of the cover.

Blog Image

This is the Pocket Books cover that the novel bore in the US. My UK copy was published by Titan, but the differences are really limited to the top half - the layout is slightly different and the TNG logo doesn't have that awful drop shadow.

The cover art is attractive and well produced. The images of Worf, Picard and Troi seem very true to their actual likenesses in the early episodes of the TV show, although I'm not entirely sure what Troi is meant to be wearing - it looks like a dark waistcoat over long grey sleeves, which I don't recall ever seeing her wear on TV.

There's a lovely blue spaceship and a planet below.

All of these things appear in the story... however...

And now this is a spoiler alert for the book.

... the story's main character is not Worf, Picard or Troi (though they at least appear, unlike Wesley Crusher), but Geordi La Forge. And if I had to identify a second main character, it would be Data. Only then might the others come in. It does make me wonder what the publishers' reasons might be for choosing the wrong characters to depict.

Or, maybe the publishers didn't read the story before giving the artist their brief?

The main alien spaceship that appears in the story is described as a dark rectangle. Clearly not cover image material! The blue ship formed from three domes does make an appearance - for about thirty seconds near the end, before being (spoiler) revealed to be a hologram.

And then there's the planet, which is very specifically described as having no natural satellites, yet there's one, right there on the cover.

Top marks for artwork, but poor marks for choice of content. Personally, I would have liked to have seen Geordi and Data on the cover, along with the massive space station that appears in the story.

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